Welcome back guys, today I will change the style of my post, This time I will explain a Bit then I will link out to a video. Which is going to show you each and everything practically.

This is our another topic based on computer repairing and we are going o explain two things here, First is:

How to Buy Your Next Computer:

First thing I would say here is that first check the requirements of yours, Like which type of computer do you want? Is it laptop or desktop? Do you want it for office work, freelancing or any professional editing?

This is how fist you have to decide for which purpose do you want, after that move on to your favorite provider and buy it from them, that’s an easy way to do it in order to building it from scratch.

How to Build Your Next Computer:

Building your computer according to your desires AND REQUIREMENTS is what I would go for, If I know that I am going to do and what type of system I would love to build. If you don’t have any experience in this then I would suggest go for buying your next computer.

To build from scratch first I would advise that make a list of your requirements like what GB of RAM do you want to use, How many GB Hard Drive to add and etc and then visit any of your local building computer from scratch shop/store or order online.

Tutorial On It:

This was our small and suggested post for your guys related to buying or building your next coming computer or so called PC (Personal Computer)

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