Dude are you facing an issues with your computer or so called PC? Don’t worry you are on the best spot of the jar. Today I am going to tell you that how you can repair your computer easily.

If we talk about issues there are basically two types of issues, First one is like hardware issue and for that I recommend to visit computer repair near you and if we talk about the other that is Software.

In this helpful post we will go through some easy tips for repairing your PC or Computer software issues, Let’s get in to it straight:

Computer Hang Up:

Sometime when we are on work and doing our office or freelancer work in a very good speed we get a sort of error, which just stop our all system running softwares and thus we get a hang Computer.

As you get this issue, Just Press CTRL+Alt+Delete, and click the task manager from the multiple options and talk a look at the running services from there and stop all the softwares which you don’t need during your current work.

Software Not Opening:

I myself when sometime try to open one of the installed software in my computer, at first attempt it don’t opens and take time and when I try second time it show me an error that it cannot be open at this time.

After that error we get two options below that error, One is Wait for the software to respond and second look for a solution online.

This gets happen when the software is corrupt and it needs to be reinstalled in your computer or PC (Personal Computer).

Blue Screen Error:

Mostly when you will be busy in your tasks or when as you start your Computer and you get this type of error. It an error during which a blue screen appears and it stats that contact your System Administrator, The one who controls your computer.

This error can be because of hard disk or the RAM of your computer mostly. When I get this type of error what I do is unplug all the wire of my PC, open the mother board and remove RAM, clean it with a soft cloth and re-plug it in the system.

So these were some of the error which most of the computer users get during the usage of their PC. So check them and learn that how you can solve it in your own place and you don’t have to visit any of repairing shop near you.

On this site it’s our priority to solve your computer, Laptops and PC in your home by yourself. If you were still not able to do it so then we would recommend you to take our services as we would love to assist you and repair your computers.

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