Welcome back my precious readers and today I am going to talk on a very basic topic of laptops and I will tell you solution to that as well, stay tuned till last.

Battery in one of the main part of laptop and without it we can’t work outside of the home where there is no electricity. So that’s why we can’t compromise on it. Is your laptop battery is not working properly? Do check laptop repair  and fix it out with them, They are the best in laptop and computers.

Laptop Battery can be checked physically and within computer. So in this post we will check it out that how to check within computer. So now let’s move to our topic without further wasting your time.

Within Laptop Battery Check:

As you will turn ON your laptop, after passing the stages of password and etc. You will get a desktop and icons normally on left side of the screen. The Icons which every computer has are Recycle Bin, Computer and File Explorer.

As you will be on desktop. Click on the start (Left Bottom Corner) from here search for a control panel, Open it, As you will open control panel you will see multiple option from there click on Hardware and Sound section.

From Hardware and Sound section, Click on Power Option. After that you will see Balanced Recommended and customize it. This is the area where you can see your battery life, Different setting of battery usage and some important screen options as well.

If you Just want to check battery life only, then on desktop right bottom panel you will see a battery sign, Move your mouse there and you will get to know that how much my battery life is remaining.

Physically Laptop Battery Check:

If you want to check your battery physically then this section is for you. Because I am going to guide you about battery physically here. There are multiple type of laptops some of them easily option to check battery by just pressing one or twice buttons in the back side of the laptop but some have battery internally, Just like RAM and Hard Drive.

If your battery in internally then I would advice you to visit any repair show, As I told you in the start that how to do that. If it can taken out by just pressing the button, then take it our and check the condition of your battery.

Some time batteries get thick, I mean when we charge them too much then and they don’t work like it used to be. Some of the issues which you will get with that are

  • Take time to charge battery
  • Get too much heat
  • The get finished too soon.

These were the reasons if your battery is expired. And this is the place where I have to stop my fingers typing about battery of laptop. So in a nut shell I covered two areas to check your laptop batteries in this post.

Kindly share our this post with your friends, Colleagues, family members and the one whom you love. It is a best way to save their battery and how them the way to check it out.