McAfee Livesafe Antivirus

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McAfee LiveSafeTM service is an award-winning security solution that protects your data and your identity on your devices, so you can shop, socialize, search, and share your digital life with confidence. Regardless of how many devices you use to live your digital life, McAfee LiveSafe provides protection for your devices. It provides complete anti-virus protection on your devices, including your Android mobile devices, so you can keep your identity and personal information safe from online threats and identity thieves on the devices you use.

You can safeguard the data on your Android mobile devices especially if they are lost or stolen as well as get notified of risky mobile applications that may be asking for more access than they require. McAfee LiveSafe includes a password manager that lets you can easily and securely manage your online passwords. Also, McAfee LiveSafe has secure cloud storage, so you can securely store sensitive documents online accessed with your face and voice. You live your digital life. We’ll keep it secure. McAfee LiveSafe protects your data and identity on your devices. Now you can surf, shop, bank, share, and live your digital life with confidence. Secure the devices you own in your household; PCs, Macs, smartphones, or tablets. Protect against the latest online threats and viruses. Easily and securely manage your online passwords. Safeguard your data on a lost or stolen mobile devices Store sensitive documents securely online—accessed only with your face and voice

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